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Los Angeles Scanning Companies

Crowley Imaging
972 Amelia Avenue
San Dimas, CA 91773
Sales Contact: Christopher Crowley
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Paperless Solutions
1459 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd Bldg. F
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362
Sales Contact: Kim DiLallo
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GRM Records Management (LA)
17150 Newhope St #708
Pico Rivera, CA 90660
Sales Contact: Bridget Olan
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Carta Document Imaging
1000 Main Street Suite 220
Irvine, CA 92606
Sales Contact: Marc
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Royal Imaging (LA)
660 S. Figueroa St
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Sales Contact: Josh Lemmon
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Under Budget and On Time Scanning
14851 West Sunset Blvd.
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
Sales Contact: Jay Howard
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Los Angeles Paper Record Scanning

Supported by a team of professionals in Los Angeles our professional members of the association are able to provide top-notch scanning and cloud-based documentation solutions to both small and large companies. We are highly cherished among our clients for safe and immediate secure access and data management.

Organization starting electronic file programs in Los Angeles have been contacting these companies listed here recently. These are the types of jobs They need complete. Please call these companies listed here and tell them what you need to have done.

"I was wanting to get a price quote on what it would cost to get some scanning donesouth of Los Angeles ."

"We have 20 small file boxes to scanclose to Los Angeles . Looking at about 10,000-20,000 images to scan & digitize according to name depending on price. Can you give me an idea of your prices?"

"I'd like to setup virtual file sharing program in Los Angeles where we do not administer the box but we could access the data as if there was an in-house file server."

"We are currently investigating the possibility of using an outside source in Los Angeles for our scanning purposes. At this point I could not tell you how many boxes we would have. We currently handle all of our own in document scanning but not happy with the results"

"We are looking to move to Los Angeles and in part of the downsizing want to convert records to scanned documents-put on CD's. How do you charge for this service, by time, by piece?."

"I have a scanning project in Los Angeles . We are looking for a scanning company."

Video About Scanning in Los Angeles

Cost of Going Paperless in Los Angeles

What Are the Critical Issues to Start Digital Imaging in Los Angeles

  • Have misplaced and lost files cost you extensively to find or replace? Documents which are filed in a record storage room and are distributed from that location have a significant chance of being miss filed or lost or never returned to the file room. The result is that it takes a great amount of time and expense to recreate or find such files.
  • Do two or more people need access to your documents at the same time? This obviously can't be done with paper records, but is easy with on-line documents.
  • Are you running out of space for the paper files? The cost of office space is expensive. The costs of special filing systems, are extremely expensive.
  • Are your documents are not safe and secure in their current storage location? Many file storage rooms do not comply with the various privacy and protection laws such as HIPAA or GLB or Facta

Los Angeles Medical Document Scanning Services

Companies starting medical record digital imaging projects have been contacting our members for years. These are the types of jobs they need completed in Los Angeles. Please contact the members of the association and tell them what you need to have done. Here Are Actual Quotes From Customers:

"I need 1600 thin medical charts scanned into PDF format and placed on usb or cd for integration into emr. I would like a cost quote and how long for project. Can you scan on site (my office) or only at your facilities? Time and quote est. for each. Files are in Los Angeles."

"We have an estimated of 3,000 medical charts in Los Angeles that need to be scanned. Please send quote."

"From time to time, we receive large medical record files (1,000-2,000 page), in hard copy that need to be scanned into electronic format. What is your cost per page scanned in Los Angeles."

"We have 130,000 to 150,000 pages to scan into CDs and indexed. Medical records are in Los Angeles."

"We have approximately 4,000 medical charts for program participants in our Los Angeles office and we're interested in what the costs would be to get all of those records scanned to facilitate long-term storage and retrieval of the records. "

"I support a doctor's office close to Los Angeles. We will need to scan all his past records so it can be integrated into a system we are getting into. Can you give us an idea of what is needed, how much it costs and how it works? "


The Digital Imaging members of the association in Los Angeles are your specialists for document imaging and file hosting service

  • Serving all industries
  • High Volume Scanning, OCR, Coding, Quality Assurance
  • Document hosting available or upload into most document management systems
  • Flat Fee pricing available

Typical Motivation for Los Angeles Clinics and Hospitals Starting Medical Documents Imaging

THE LAW: Are you in compliance with the various privacy laws such as HIPAA or GLB or Facta?

SERVICE: Does it take too much time to retrieve a patient file. Would you like the Charts to be at your fingertips in the computer?

SPACE: Are you out of area and to continue to grow, do you need a special file system such as a rolling file system, which is very expensive?

COST: Would you like to reduce your overall costs of storage space instead of acquiring more office space for medical Documents storage?

SECURITY: Are your patient Charts safe in their current storage location or do a number of unauthorized people have access to your charts? Those unauthorized personnel include the night custodian service, machine repair people, temps, and other unauthorized staff?

DISASTER RECOVERY: If you had a disaster such as a hurricane, flood or fire, are your current documents protected?

CHART SHARING: Do you need to consult with other practitioners and therefore wish they could be looking at the same patient file as you at the same time?

Medical Scanning in Los Angeles Video

Los Angeles Patient Document Scanning Solutions

Others in Los Angeles area have been scanning medical records for years and more and more are starting everyday. Do what many of them did and call our members listed below. The following are a number of ACTUAL QUOTES from hospitals, clinics, labs and doctors offices seeking a scanning solution. Do you have similar needs.

"I need a quote for chart scanning south of Los Angeles."

"I am looking speak to someone north of Los Angelesabout a price quote for prepping, scanning, boxing, and transferring files from one medical office to another. I currently work for a plastic surgeons office and we are moving practices July 1st. "

"Approximately 10 file boxes of psychiatric records in the central part of Los Angeles. What would be the cost to digitize vs store. These are inactive patient records."

"We are interested in your scanning service for a physician client near Los Angeleswho is going on an EMR. Please contact me next week"

"Please call me in regards to a mass scanning of patient charts for EMR purposes in downtown Los Angeles."

"looking for an estimate/quote for medical record scanning for 3 years of medical records approximately 260 charts per years with an approximate 1/4 thickness each. Do you scan to disk? Files are just outside of Los Angeles."

The members of Medical Records Scanning Companies of America in Los Angeles bring over a decade of experience in scanning HR, accounting, insurance, medical, financial and other documents.

Many members have the capacity to process 300,000 pages a day, they lead the field in affordable paper conversions. They are able to bring this service because of their dedicated, professional staff and state-of-the-art equipment, facility and quality control process.

These medical scanning companies in Los Angeles are these document scanning and microfilm services companies. We are committed to helping you meet your Document Scanning and Content Management requirements

  • On-Site (Client Site) Document Scanning Services
  • Document Scanning at our Local Conversion Center
  • Understanding and Helping with Corporate Compliance Solutions
  • Electronic File Hosting

Medical Records Scanning Video

Document Scanning Companies in Los Angeles

Our associates in Los Angeles work to design customized solutions that facilitate the companies to integrate file storage and computerize workflows to make it easy and quick to share data efficiently. Owing to fair pricing, easy accessibility and rapid progress make content management an inexpensive alternative for both small and large companies.

The direct quotes below are the answers to the question, "What Can We Do For You". These are the actual answers to that question by others who are looking for a scanning solution. If you want to start an document imaging project, call the members in Los Angeles for a free quote now.

  • We are going semi paperless in Los Angeles . It is 75 years of paper data, after initial it would be a yearly project.
  • We are a company located in Los Angeles , we have thousands of documents that we wish to have scanned into a digital format and stored in our Electronic Document File Server and we would like to obtain a quote on what it would cost us
  • We have ongoing needs in Los Angeles to scan my invoices and bills.
  • We are working on converting all of our personnel files from physical files to electronic files. I am looking to find a company from Los Angeles that can scan all of our current personnel files for us, in which I can take the electronic documents and upload them.
  • Our storage area from Los Angeles is full. We are looking to get information and pricing on your company scanning our files to an external drive of some sort. What are our options and your prices?
  • I am working with a client to close his medical practice outside of Los Angeles . He is in need of medical records being scanned for retrieval down the road. Is this something you can help me with?

Los Angeles Area Document Imaging

The local members of Document Scanning Companies of America in Los Angeles are dedicated to aid the clients to optimize their office workforce time. With cutting-edge records scanning technology solutions, it has become common place to improve efficiency and protect the data from disasters and fraud. Our members can scan, index and organize their important records as well as the flow of information. Call now to get your scanning project started and start on your way to a paperless office.

If you want to know what other document imaging projects look like this year in Los Angeles then please review actual requests about similar projects as yours. Then contact the companies below to get a free quote to start your project.

" Please provide Los Angeles area pricing info. i have a large amount of documents to be scanned."

" Non-Profit Food Distribution organization near Los Angeles with approximately 30 to 40 boxes of Accounting (AP/AR) documents, Inventory Records, and Various Other Financial Documentation."

" Our office is relocating to Los Angeles and we need to scan all the archive and current files to avoid storage. Would like someone to come out and see what we have and then receive a quote for services."

"Need up to 800 bankers boxes of paper scanned in Los Angeles . It is mostly all 8.5x11" single sided with some 8.5x14" or double sided sheets."

"How do you charge? Do you shred after you scan? Is it confidential. Need scanningin Los Angeles ."

"I am looking to get a quote for scanning 50-100 boxes of back dated minutes/note from previous Board Meetings. Please call or email me in Los Angeles ."