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Los Angeles Scanning Companies

Crowley Imaging
972 Amelia Avenue
San Dimas, CA 91773
Sales Contact: Christopher Crowley
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Paperless Solutions
1459 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd Bldg. F
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362
Sales Contact: Kim DiLallo
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GRM Records Management (LA)
17150 Newhope St #708
Pico Rivera, CA 90660
Sales Contact: Bridget Olan
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Carta Document Imaging
1000 Main Street Suite 220
Irvine, CA 92606
Sales Contact: Marc
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Royal Imaging (LA)
660 S. Figueroa St
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Sales Contact: Josh Lemmon
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Under Budget and On Time Scanning
14851 West Sunset Blvd.
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
Sales Contact: Jay Howard
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Los Angeles Area Digital Scanning Companies

The Digital Imaging companies shown here in Los Angeles are your specialists for document imaging and file hosting service

  • Serving all industries
  • High Volume Scanning, OCR, Coding, Quality Assurance
  • Document hosting available or upload into most document management systems
  • Flat Fee pricing available

The following are typical digital imaging requests in Los Angeles that our customers have made. Do you have a similar project? Call us to determine if we can provide the benefits to going paperless that you are requiring.

"We have an upcoming project to scan hundreds of books. We would prefer to find someone to outsource this to close to downtown Los Angeles ."

"We have many drawings, mostly 24" x 36", that need to be imaged to reduce storage space at our off in Los Angeles ."

" I need several documents scanned to pdf, with searchable ability. The documents which are in Los Angeles range from 50 pages to 100. Please advise of the costs involved (black and white colors only."

"Would like to be able to retrieve the records when needed. To purge medical records when necessary. What do you do with document when they are scanned? How is the indexing completed. The records are in Los Angeles."


Scanned Files Can Be More Easily Secured With Password Protection and Encryption

The large number of people who have access to any given cubicle work space or office area emphasizes the problem with file security. Those people include all employees, contractors, vendors, custodian staff and even some customers who can be in the work space during the day or night. Of all those people, it is likely only one or two is *authorized* to view the file. If the file did not exist in hard copy paper form, but only electronically, it is easy to see how it would be easier to control access and comply with the laws like HIPAA, FACTA and more.

Los Angeles Patient Document Imaging Solutions

Start Your Medical Record Scanning Project in Los Angeles Now to Enjoy These Benefits.

  • Restrict the access to only those authorized
  • Reduced time spent looking for Charts
  • Protect yourself and patients from natural disasters such as hurricane
  • Save time and money
  • Good for the environment

Los Angeles visitors to our medical scanning association websites are asked "What Can We Do For You". Here are a number of their responses. Do you have similar needs? If so, please call a couple of the members to find the solutions you require including how much does it cost to scan charts.

"I am currently looking for a vendor in Los Angeles to perform scanning services in our medical practices (varied locations). I am also seeking individuals to do some medical records abstracting for entry into our electronic medical records"

"We have a surgery center that is interested in document imaging. They have roughly 125 small banker boxes of records just north of Los Angeles that need to be digitized. "

" My company is a non-profit medical clinic with locations throughout Los Angeles and we are trying to find a company to scan all our paper medical records. I would like to know the process you use, how we receive our scanned documents."

"I wanted to get a quote in Los Angeles on how much it would cost to have all our Dental Patient files scanned. We are looking at about 5 shelf cabinets with 5 shelves each"

Overview of HIPAA

Los Angeles

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), was enacted in 1996 and intent is to protect patient information. HIPAA was the first of all the privacy laws. HIPAA is a significant piece of legislation with onerous penalties. It is also important to note that most states have equally punishments for failing to comply with patient information protection. All doctor's offices, clinics, hospitals and other healthcare providers are covered by this law. You must maintain reasonable and appropriate administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to prevent intentional or unintentional use or disclosure of protected health information. The obvious safe guard it to insure no unauthorized personnel have access to patient information. Scanning files is a simple way to insure the protection of patient information.

Los Angeles Area Companies Who Scan

Our Los Angeles area imaging professionals have been serving the clients with designing, installing, and offering custom solutions for document scanning. Our associates of Document Scanning Companies of America aid a lot of large and small companies to track, manage and protect files rapidly and cost-effectively.  Whether you want to switch paper to digital format or digital to microfilm, or microfilm to digital, we are here to help you. We have right tools and tailored solution to satisfy all your requirements.

Hospitals, law firms, governmental agencies and other entities who are seeking scanning solutions in Los Angeles have been contacting the members with comments like these below. These are the types of projects they need completed. Please contact the companies on this page and tell them what you need to have done.

"I have about 8 filing cabinets of files by Los Angeles that I would like to scan. I would like a quote. Please contact me with this information. "

"I am a lawyer in Los Angeles . We would like to have 40+ personnel files scanned and cataloged"

"I have approximately 15 letter size storage boxes of documents by Los Angeles that I'd like scanned into PDF format to be stored electronically. What would this cost?"

Los Angeles Companies Who Image Documents

Our member companies in Los Angeles are engaged in serving our clients with safe digital imaging and management solutions. Our associates are familiar with the challenges of maintaining the reliability and privacy of document management system while keeping up the legal requirements set forth by HIPAA, FACTA and other laws. We can suggest to you a perfect imaging, storage and management solution after analyzing your business needs.

The direct quotes below are the answers to the question, "What Can We Do For You". These are the actual answers to that question by companies in Los Angeles who are looking for a scanning solution. If you want to start an document imaging project, call the members in your area for a free quote now.

" Have a need for one-time scanning in Los Angeles of approx 10-12 lateral file drawers (3' wide) of various documents (invoices, quotes, po's etc) to CD for transfer to one of our consultants. "

" I would like to received information and pricing on having our paper files scanned so they can be stored on our server. I would want this done at our Los Angeles office."

"Would like more info on scanning services in Los Angeles . Looking for a way to cut our filing down and be able to pull up old receipts, vendors invoices etc electronically."


Why Convert Microfilm to Digital Formats Such As PDF, Just Like Scanning Documents?

  • Reliable back-ups to the files is easy to do if they are digital
  • Ability to share data with authorized people with ease
  • Save physical storage space
  • Avoid the headache of researching and retrieving documents from storage